Our Services

We're going to meet your needs
At Deschênes was passion for the job and we understand the daily realities of your business. We take as much pleasure in responding to your requests as presenting solutions that surpass all your expectations. We are involved in every facets of the service.

Ordering service
We are available early morning until late afternoon, it is lapped to serve you, in person or by phone, email or fax.

Submission Service
We quickly hands you always accurate and competitive proposals.

Delivery Service
We deliver you the next day any ordered product in stock.

Turnkey service
You have a project to manage? We are professionals for your convenience.

After sales service
We do everything that is necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction.

In store advisory services
Lacroix decor counselors will be happy to reduce your sales efforts in responding for you to the specific needs of your customers.